Tulasi Ayurveda New  Oil Pure World's No.1 New Oil Brand 

Flavour             Ginger
Brand               DABUR
Item Weight     50 Grams
Package-Inf      Bottle
Speciality          No Added Sugar

Honey has fructose, minerals, vitamins and natural nutritious elements. It is a good quality anti septic and blood refiner. Its regularly use in the treat of cough, cold and fever. It also helps in early healing of injuries. The jaggery and sugar available in the open market have dangerous chemicals and polluted contents. Hence, the naturopathy doctors tell sugar as white poison. Thus, use Patanjali honey for sweetness and remain healthy forever. Special note Different seasons also bring changes in the state of pure honey hence, if Patanjali honey also gets deposited, use it without any apprehension with happiness. Use honey with roti, milk, gruel and other edible items for sweetness. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are taken with honey.

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